About Parish to Parish Learning Community

The Parish-to-Parish Learning Community (PPLC) is a network of parishes committed to building relationships with other Christians and followers of other religions in our neighborhoods. Our network aims to help each other find educational and inspirational resources, share ideas for outreach and activities and reflect on our experiences and concerns.

At the heart of our community are the stories of the ecumenical and interreligious encounters of our parishes across the archdiocese. As we tell of our experiences and listen to each other, we are learning how to give witness to and advance the vision and goals of the Second Vatican Council — to promote Christian unity and live in respectful relationships with the followers of other religions.

This website is designed for the exchange of ideas and resources among registered Archdiocese of Chicago parishes that want to engage with other Christians to build Christian unity and with the followers of other religions in educational, spiritual and social activities to build mutually respectful relationships.

Parish-to-Parish Learning Community (PPLC) members receive:

  • Invitations to plenary learning sessions and community building events,
  • PPLC coaching services,
  • Opportunities to publicize parish EIA office events on the ecumenical affairs and PPLC websites,
  • Assistance with telling parish stories for sharing within your parish and the network and
  • Insights from other parishes.